Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Green Way Out Of Here

One of the myths that the destroyers of the Earth want us to believe is that there is no way around dirty oil, gas, and coal.

Even some of those who fancy themselves to be astute, enlightened, and aware of our plight as a civilization, have been propagandized into the fallacy that there is no way out.

This blog and others have intimated that there are many ways out of it, but that the criminally insane powers that be are making the deliberate choice to continue down the path of destruction.

A recent report says that there is a sunny way out of addiction to oil, coal, and gas:

Arguably no challenge is more serious for the world’s future than bringing about a rapid decarbonation of the energy infrastructure with the possibility of preventing the onset of catastrophic climate change. With a mathematical model we demonstrate that this transition is technically plausible using modest inputs of existing fossil fuel reserves in the creation of a global solar power infrastructure even with existing solar technologies such as wind turbines. In addition, this global power capacity can likewise provide energy consumption per person levels for all of humanity consistent with high human development requirements.

(Sunny Transition, PDF Version). There are criminally insane elements who do not want that reality to be known or to be believed.

Why MOMCOM wants that to be kept secret, or wants to brand it as pie-in-the-sky, can only be known by those who understand the criminally insane mind.

Nevertheless, we street people do not need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, or to know that environmental destruction is a suicidal endeavor for civilization as we know it.