Monday, September 27, 2010

The Wind Is Not Just For The Birds

The memes that say the human species on the earth is the epitome of evolution, or on the other hand the epitome of creation, resides in meme-complexes of a strange form of "species exceptionalism".

It is a mix of religious fanatics, secular ideologues, scholars, and religionists who think that environmentalism is much ado about nothing because humans are exceptional while the environment is nothing by comparison.

The history of the ancestors of these ideologues is not well settled or certain.

At least it isn't if you compare Wikipedia with Wikipedia Critic.

Thus, perhaps the reason for the conflict between these dogmas is the usual dual set of "facts" based upon the same evidence or data:

There are widely varying interpretations of this text, but it is safe to say that all presume human beings have inherited the earth to be used as they see fit. For many, God's gift to Adam and Eve of "dominion" over the earth and all its creatures has been taken as the right to unlimited exploitation.

(Bill Moyers). The fundamentalists of the ecocide-is-no-biggie persuasion think that the earth is a 7,000 year old plaything for them to do anything the want to with; that green energy can never work, and we are thus enslaved to pollute the earth until the rapture saves us from the ecocide of our indiscretion.

Meanwhile, their counterparts took only two years to construct the largest offshore wind farm to date:

Construction work at the £780m wind farm began two years ago and was completed in June.

The 380ft (115m) tall turbines are spread over an area of more than 35 sq km and are visible from the shore on a clear day.

There are currently about 250 wind farms operating in the UK, with a further 12 offshore, with 2,909 turbines in operation in total.

Vattenfall also owns the 30-turbine Kentish Flats wind farm, off Herne Bay, which was one of the UK's first such projects when it opened five years ago.

A company spokesman said more than 3,600 people have worked on the Thanet wind farm, with 30% of workers from the UK.

(BBC News). Wow, clean, renewable energy and job creation all in one.

Who knew?

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Randy said...

The Brits took two years to do a wind farm that will power 200,000 homes, or 100,000 per year.

If the oil embargo had wised the US up, we could be powering 3,700,000 homes this way (2010 - 1973 = 37 years).

So why not double the effort?