Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Party Needs To Change To Green Tea

A massive Earth Day demonstration dwarfed the media darling Tea Party demonstrations, however, the media did not cover it.

According to posts of record, the media is owned by anti-environmental movement and pro-oil and war forces.

Media forces that are quite ignorant of the dire straits that "civilization" has gotten itself into:

Yes, the biggest single climate rally in U.S. history is dismissed by comparison with the hypothetical cumulative turnout of dozens of future rallies on immigration. Who says the media isn’t fair? Apparently preserving the health and well-being of countless future generations isn’t “hot-button” enough for the media to be interested [kind of an ironic phrase, considering the rally was for action of global warming].

(Climate Progress). Like Nero, they foolishly fiddle while their civilization is burning up energy as the emergence of many catastrophic effects begin to converge.

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