Monday, November 9, 2009

Shadow of Time Governs The Earth

Time is everywhere and there are different types of time.

Song writers mentioned that "time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future" in a popular song some time back.

The exclamation "just in time" indicates that only a portion of the vast amount of the totality of time is available for some efforts.

Time is another one of those invisible realms, like gravity, that governs the earth from "the shadows", that is, from the realm we cannot see even though we can see the effects of the unseen power at work.

Dredd Blog talks about a shadow that governs in the sense of a powerful unseen movement.

A movement that influences the national governments without there being any conspiracy involved.

And that is the sense of this post, a notion of vast unseen realms that govern the entire earth from the shadows.

That is, "govern" in the sense that no single nation can change what is going to happen globally to climate patterns.

(One example of that can be discerned in the discussion of the G8 Summit in a previous post on Dredd Blog.)

The graph above shows world population numbers increasing, thereby, adding to the problems the nations of the earth face; whether they want to face those problems or even can face those problems or not:

That's the simple idea at the heart of the warning from John Beddington, the UK government's chief scientific adviser, of a possible crisis in 2030.

Specifically, he points to research indicating that by 2030 "a whole series of events come together":

* ... population will rise from 6bn to 8bn (33%)
* Demand for food will increase by 50%
* Demand for water will increase by 30%
* Demand for energy will increase by 50%

He foresees each problem combining to create a "perfect storm" in which the whole is bigger, and more serious, than the sum of its parts.

(BBC News). Everyone, from the Mayan date 2012 watchers to the scientist quoted above, calculates something happening at a particular point in time.

What is really being said is that there are powerful energies at work in the shadows which we cannot seem to govern.

Instead, they seem to govern us, so the best we can do is watch the effects which we think will converge to have tangible results at a particular time.

But, that has not proven to be a timely indicator, because, scientists are as surprised as politicians are from time to time.

This does not bode well for the hope that the human species will pass "The Test" of Ecocosmolgy by conforming to the governing requirements of the cosmos.

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Alice de tocqueville said...

Watch Willie Smits' TED lecture! He's recreating a rainforest, and restoring habitat for 3,000 or more people, providing subsistence farming (their tradition) as well as jobs for them and a place for orangutans to live.

These things can be done. I hear climate scientists who still believe it's possible we can survive on earth. It's a matter of enlarging our souls and our hearts enough to make a real change happen, which is one thing; smash capitalism, and join as one earth.

Dredd said...

Alice de tocqueville,

There is only one way, and that is to keep on trying, keep on with the sanity, resist the insanity.

We should survive because it is the better way!

Randy said...

The scientists (not wacko religionists) have moved the doomsday clock closer to "lights out baby" (Link).