Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Extinction Clock Nears Midnight

Most of us have heard of the "doomsday clock", which is moved closer or further away from midnight from time to time.

It is arbitrary, so it is not linked, in any specific scientific manner, to the reality of human extinction.

Here on this blog we feel that the earth and cosmos are the ultimate clock, so we see the "doomsday clock" as being somewhat farcical.

Doom is not a function of midnight, old, or young, rather it is a function of ignorance, which is composed of ignoring.

Lake Baikal is said to be the deepest fresh water lake on the planet which holds one of each five gallons of all the Earth's surface fresh water.

Nevertheless, governments do not respect the wisdom of age, thus the oldest and the youngest are all threatened by government dysfunction (doom) worldwide.

Russia, under the control of Putin, is following the example of the ecocidal mania of governments worldwide, and is now threatening Lake Baikal:

As the oldest, largest and deepest lake on planet Earth, ancient Lake Baikal is known as the “grand dame” of all lakes. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage due to its stunning bio-diversity. Most of its 2500 some odd plant and animal species, including the freshwater seal, evolved in pristine isolation and are found nowhere else on the planet.

In late January, Russian police raided the offices of the Baikal Environmental Wave group after it criticized a plan to reopen a paper mill next to Lake Baikal in Siberia that had been closed since 2008 due to pollution fears. Russian PM Vladimir Putin decreed that the mill could reopen. The Baikalsk Paper and Pulp Mill is the biggest employer in Baikalsk, a town of 17,000. The mill is owned by Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

(Daily Galaxy). The ecocidal sameness of governments really comes out, under the microscope of comparative observation, doesn't it?

The U.S. is ramping up construction of nuclear power plants even though Russia has shown us Chernobyl, we have 3-mile Island, Italy has the mafia ocean killers, and everyone everywhere knows the planet is being destroyed.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking.

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