Friday, October 30, 2009

Copy Cats, Dogs & Bugs For Knowledge

Scientists are already serious about a discipline called biomimicry.

It is alluded to in several posts on this blog under the key word biomimicry.

The tenets of Ecocosmology also cover the subject as well.

Tenet Four of Ecocosmology reads:

4) The seeds of intelligence (genetic and memetic clues) required to successfully perform The Test are distributed into all species, races, religions, sciences, creeds, and genders. Thus, all individuals should be respected as carriers of some quanta of the seed of intelligence required to pass The Test, lest a fundamental quantum of necessary intelligence be lost.

(Tenets of Ecocosmology). Incredible engineering efficiency is gleaned from the most unusual of natural places.

For example robots walk on water as a result of the study of mosquito legs, and the study of beetles leads to new coatings.

This tenet is encapsulated in a specific scientific field:

WHAT IS BIOMIMICRY: Biomimicry is a field in which scientists, engineers, and even architects study models and concepts found in nature, and try to use them to design new technologies. It as a design principle that seeks sustainable solutions to human problems by emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies. Nature fits form to function, rewards cooperation, and banks on diversity. For instance, the Eastgate Building in Harare, Zimbabwe, is the country's largest commercial and shopping complex, and yet it uses less than 10 percent of the energy consumed by a conventional building of its size, because there is no central air conditioning and only a minimal heating system. The design follows the cooling and heating principles used in the region's termite mounds.

(ibid, and see Biomimicry). We may find microbes and other life forms on planets near us, as we have here on earth, that will have qualities to help us develop space travel of the type required for long term survival of our species.

I mean, there is the SAT and then there is in Ecocosmology what is called The Test.

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