Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tenet Four Basics

Tenet Four is a recognition that we learn from the nature around us, derive all we need for sustenance from it, cannot exist without it, and that if we are to pass The Test we will do so using the resources in the natural web of interdependent life around us.

One area of science, called Biomimicry, recognizes that wisdom is to be found in nature; hopefully including knowledge about how to make a space craft capable of the journey of salvation sometime in the future before the Sun destroys us.

We will have to study gravity and light in a new way, a new physics, if we are to attain the efficiencies required for that journey.

This tenet warns that no species should be destroyed or become extinct by our behaviour on any habitable planet, because a necessary clue to our survival may be hidden in that species.

The term "species" certainly includes all "groups" (white, black, red, yellow, brown, male, female, etc.) within the human species.


Anonymous said...

Should include ALL species not just humans. After all, we have only existed for a couple million years and there is no reason NOT to belive some other animal can evolve sentient later. Humans aren't special, we are just one animal among many.

Dredd said...


Yes, you are correct, it does include all species.

One of the understandings we try to point out here is that sentience is not the end of the road, it is the beginning of the road.

Our premise is that biological evolution is misunderstood to be the end all of evolution, when in fact it is the most primitive phase, ending in sentience.

From that point on memetic evolution is the next phase where social enlightenment (eradication of war, national friendliness), ecological enlightenment ("don't crap where you eat"), solar awareness ("the sun will utterly destroy us"), astronomy to identify potential new home worlds, space exploration for other habitable worlds, and finally space travel to those other worlds takes place.

There is a post here on this blog that discusses the need for a new memetics.

Thanks for your comment.