Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Trail Into The Lights Of Time

An amateur, Stephane Guisard, took many photos of the Milky Way Galaxy then combined them into the mosaic shown in the photo.

Good work!

Stephane is an astronomer and an astrophotographer who has shown that amateur does not mean "without great skill and imagination".

The Milky Way Galaxy, our home galaxy, is the expanse where the human species must limit our efforts at space travel, as we try to find our next home world somewhere in the future.

A close up of stars taken by Hubble and a discussion of the extreme challenge we face in order to get there was posted here recently.

I was reflecting on that difficulty as I listened to leaders of the world speak at The United Nations for the past few days.

Sadly I had to conclude that many of them are focusing on short term endeavours and do not yet understand the vastness of the "ground" we need to cover to survive, or that it absolutely must be done together.

We can fail or we can prevail.

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