Friday, September 25, 2009

Micro vs Macro & Individual vs Group

The difference between blest bog and best blog can be a simple slip of the tongue, a twist of fate, or hard work and talent.

The same holds true for the ideology that contrasts the individual with the vast sea of humanity and the natural tension between them.

This tension can also be considered in the light of a star vs a galaxy, a planet vs a star, free speech vs yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre, and the other entire universe of dichotomies that also perplex us.

Religion or theology and evolution or science are other realms where we run up against the wall that should have a door in it.

In a recent post it was said "Some of the ideas of existing theology and of mysticism, which address that subject, will be brought up in future posts".

Well, "that subject" being talked about is the notion of the "ultimate morph", the concept of "biological morphing into non-biological", which Ecocosmology endorses but does not mandate as being required in its tenets.

That of course is because a species can remain biological and continue existence in this universe as long as stars have habitable planets that can be reached in a timely manner.

The tenets of Ecocosmology are obviously macrocosmic and group oriented, but they also totally implicate the microcosmic and the individual because a peace between science and religion is called for.

It is fairly clear that the bulk of theology tends to be a matter between the individual and the "superior something" talked about in that post.

So what is the impact on humanity, as a whole, of an individual passing "The Test", the ultimate morph? None, in the sense of mathematics and statistics, but Ecocosmology clearly directs its tenets toward the whole species, rather than an individual in that species.

So to the extent that the issue of theology is individual, not the Whole Species, that exercise becomes how to unify those two realms, i.e., how to minimize the tension in the areas where there really is tension.

Thus, Ecocosmology advances tenets that promote individual participation in all activities designed and dedicated to saving the whole species from extinction.

The reality is that in Ecocosmology, just saving any one individual from extinction is not considered to be an effective tactic or strategy.

But at the same time, since there is no tension between an individual passing The Test and the whole species passing The Test ("the more the merrier"), it boils down to religions and theology adapting to the needs of the whole species (to the extent that their efforts are only individual based) without sacrificing the needs of the individual in that process.

If you haven't ever detected what I am talking about, remember that theology and religion in general is primarily the interaction between the individual and deity (with as many go between robe wearers as can be "tolerated").

Remember, Uncle Sam pointed and said "I want you", not "I want all of you", which is at least an example of this considerable distinction.

I will set forth some detailed examples in a future post.

Until then, read the Tenets of Ecocosmology again, and keep on morphing in the free world.

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