Friday, September 25, 2009

Did Anyone Survive The Catastrophe?

The photo shows the residue of a star that exploded 190,000 years ago.

The light traveled for 190,000 years to reach us.

The Sun will do the same thing to us one day, after first expanding out past Mars to destroy Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

In a catastrophe like this we usually quickly ask "did anyone survive the catastrophe"?

That is, did any life on habitable planets in that solar system make it out before the explosion and destruction, and will we be able to do so before the time comes?


Anonymous said...

Sure life survived that solar system...any microbial life deep in the rocks, if it was there in the first place, which it probably was, if it could be. This is how life "pollinates" the entire universe making sure that the chances for life like "US" is always increasing.

Dredd said...

The "habitable zone" near any star is fairly close to the star. The Earth is in the habitable zone for instance.

When our Sun goes through its demise phase, it will consume the planets out to Mars, the edge of the habitable zone.

Consume them. Nothing left. Gone. No microbes, no planet. No nothing.

The only way to survive is to leave for another habitable planet.

Dredd said...


P.S. The star the subject of the post was a star that went nova, which is much more destructive than the phase our Sun will go through in its demise.

That nova would have destroyed much, much more than our Sun will.

Not likely that anything survived that could not travel into space to another solar system.