Friday, September 25, 2009

The Butterfly Textbooks As Doorstops

The Monarch butterflies can migrate 4,000 miles, and they can do it every year.

As it turns out, they have functions in their antennae which work hand and glove with functions in their brain, which means throw out the textbooks:

Scientists say the finding is a surprise as it has always been thought that the butterflies used a 24-hour clock in their brains in conjunction with their "Sun compass" when they migrated.

But some observations from 50 years ago indicated that when the butterflies' antennae were removed the insects no longer flew in the right direction.

Dr Reppert said: "So this suggested that: Wow! Maybe there's a clock in the antennae that's more important for the time compensated component of the insects' Sun compass orientation ... It was a total surprise."

(BBC News). At some point in time we must migrate too, yes, we must learn to travel safely through space at very high rates of speed.

It is not safe to run into a piece of debris at near light speeds. So how are we going to learn to detect small rocks or debris 400,000 miles dead ahead (2.5 seconds at light speeds)?

We are going to have to learn it somewhere, and that somewhere is going to be from the material of the cosmos, and that "material" will be either organic, inorganic, or both.

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