Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Honored Environmentalists

This post begins a series that honors environmentalists who are not paid, but rather volunteer their work to help not only the animal and plant kingdoms, but the entire environment, including human beings.

Ode To Dr. Alexandra Brooklynn Koehne

As a tree
I have
as I stand

my leaves
experience enlightenment
my roots
experience darkness
as I stand

I am composed
my leaves above ground
I am composed
my roots below ground
as I stand

The dark below ground
the light above ground
energize me
as I stand

I take it all in
while I give it all out
the dark
the light
as I stand

I love to munch
carbon dioxide
to make oxygen
for you
as I stand

Some of you
take me
for homes
for poems
for maple syrup
for white oak bark
for Cinnamon
for shade
for granted
as I stand

for you.

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