Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chronesthesia Must Replace Amnesia

We have bemoaned the battles between religion and science concerning human origins.

We have advocated letting go of that, replacing it with a view to our future, so that we may take the steps to insure that we avoid certain human extinction.

Looking into the future mentally is said to be a purely human trait:

Setting humans apart from other species is the ability to travel subjectively through time, a process termed chronesthesia. Mental time travel enables people to tailor their behavior to satisfy the challenges of daily life.

(Psychological Science). We are aware of experiments that contradict that premise, however, we do feel that humanity is the lead species in the endeavour to comply with the tenets of ecocosmology.

Currently we are influenced more by amnesia, about our planet, our solar system, our Sun, and our future, than we are by Chronesthesia.

Is it time to do some mental time travel?