Friday, April 2, 2010

Delusional Government Must Be On LSD

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seems to be of the opinion, as is the U.S. federal government in general, that they make the rules.

They are constantly hallucinating that the environment of this planet earth must go by their EPA rules and regulations, and must patiently await until the all-wise EPA decides what is fit here and what is not.

Black is white and white is black in their delusional world inspired by the toxic effects that power has on them.

One day a president says it is great to drill baby drill, and the next day the government says this Regulation X will do just fine for the environment.

The photos in this post are of the planet Mars taken from a satellite in orbit.

Mars looks more and more like a planet that once had a watery environment, but was somehow destroyed.

The reality facing the federal government is that the earth's environment is being made into the image of Mars.

That is, the earth's ecosystem can also be destroyed and the earth can become like Mars.

More to the point, contrary to their delusion, the governments are not the ultimate deciders of what environmental law is.

The only legal decision they are allowed to make, in terms of human extinction contrasted with human enlightened evolution, is to obey the regulations of the cosmos or not to.

They can not make regulations that govern the cosmos as they seem to think they can.

Thus, the new epoch that currently plagues us must give way to an epoch of mature cosmic adults who are aware of where they are and who they are.

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