Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mystery Bubble - Signal, Grid, or What?

Dyson Sphere?
The hexagon of Saturn is not the only geometric, or should I say astrometric, shape that has scientific folk scratching their heads these days.

An astronomer at Mount Wilson Observatory, Dave Jurasevich, observed a sphere-shaped phenomenon in an area of Cygnus shown in the photo to the left.

The sphere is about the size of our solar system, evidently with a star within its parameters.

Those who are aware of Dyson's theories about sphere shapes in space were quick to revisit his theories.

You can read more about the sphere or bubble here.

We discussed the subject of signals from space a la SETI in a post here, suggesting that detecting planets around stars that are near the end of their life cycle could be a more likely candidate for signal origination.

Put two and two together, a sphere, a star near the end of its life cycle, and the odds of a signal are theoretically increased.

Whatever the source, these objects out in the cosmos are wonderfully mysterious and interesting.

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