Thursday, January 14, 2010

Faster Than We Think?

As readers who frequent this blog know, one of the tenets of ecocosmology is that we must master competent space travel by losing the dumb "rocket science" we currently employ to clumsily try to shuttle us around our solar system.

We need that competent technology to replace chemical propulsion systems that have their origin several hundred years B.C.E.

If the Kepler mission finds habitable worlds we can't get there with the military oil complex's war oriented technology that is as ancient and incompetent as war is for solving cosmic problems.

There are some new discoveries being looked at over at Los Alamos National Laboratories that may clue us in to a faster than light phenomenon.

There is a need for a new physics that must consider the potential for near or beyond light speed travel.

That is because even planets orbiting other stars cannot be reached with our current physics and technology.

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