Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Way Out Of Here

It is fun to touch upon the countless ways to avoid destroying the home we live in, our home planet the earth.

A German firm builds fully compliant human houses, which they describe as "triple-zero" construction:

Overlooking the city of Stuttgart in southern Germany, a four-story modern glass house stands like a beacon of environmental sustainability. Built in 2000, it was the first in a series of buildings that are "triple-zero," a concept developed by German architect and engineer Werner Sobek, which signifies that the building is energy self-sufficient (zero energy consumed), produces zero emissions, and is made entirely of recyclable materials (zero waste) ... The most recent addition to the triple-zero series raises the bar for energy efficiency: It produces more energy than it uses, Sobek said.

(Scientific American). What an attitude these people have to do it instead of saying it can't be done.

Not only can we can live at peace with the earth, we must, because it is essential to our being able to avoid extinction by passing The Test.

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