Saturday, November 14, 2009

Will We Destroy Food - The Salmon?

The odd looking creature is one of the favorite foods of Salmon, and Salmon is one of our favorite fish foods.

A problem we are causing in our oceans is very likely to cost us dearly for generations to come:

The same things that make Alaska's marine waters among the most productive in the world may also make them the most vulnerable to ocean acidification.

According to new findings by a University of Alaska Fairbanks scientist, Alaska's oceans are becoming increasingly acidic, which could damage Alaska's king crab and salmon fisheries.

(Science Daily). One of the crude and rude sayings of some environmentalists, when trying to get the point across to dullards who do not get this "pinko environmental conspiracy", is "don't sh*t where you eat", that is, don't crap where you eat.

We eat from the ocean in a sense, and therefore we should not crap there, is the lesson for dullards to take from the saying.

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