Friday, November 13, 2009

The Icy Stares Of The Ice Wars

It is astounding that there are those of the species, including some within government, who do not consider the import of the notion that the planet and the Sun must remain in a healthy condition for the species to survive.

The import of the effect of climate on economy is also sometimes missed even in a time where we have been focused on economy because it was devastated by the Bush II regime.

A recent report which looks at evidence and indicators going back hundreds of years indicates that ice is at a low in some telling areas of the globe:

By combining the curve of the climate with the actual historical records of the distribution of the ice, researchers have been able to reconstruct the extent of the sea ice all the way back to the 13th century. Even though the 13th century was a warm period, the calculations show that there has never been so little sea ice as in the 20th century.


"We see that the sea ice is shrinking to a level which has not been seen in more than 800 years", concludes Aslak Grinsted.

(Science Daily). I am sure that the meaning and significance of this study as well as any others that can be done, will not dissuade some from ideology and policy that is a danger to our planet and life on it.

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