Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturn - Home of the Hexagon Mystery

The Cassini mission to the planet Saturn has been a wonderful success story but it is not over yet.

To the left is a black and white photo of the mysterious hexagon.

Located at Saturn's north pole, it is only one example of the uncanny world we call Saturn which has more mysteries about it than we could have imagined.

The winds in the hexagon area are in the 300 m.p.h. range, the atmosphere is thick, so one wonders how a non-rounded shape can exist for even a minute.

But it has been there since the first photos were taken of it in 1980, by early missions to Saturn.
Greenish Aurora Over Hexagon

As if that was not enough to boggle the mind, there is a mysterious and unexpected aurora hovering over the hexagon as well, shown by the color photo of Saturn's north pole.

And just for fun, add the other factor that the center of the hexagon has a fully unexpected "hot spot" that also should not be there but in fact is.

Dredd Blog did a post on this issue that links to some NASA discussion on this matter, but thought we would include it in today's posts concerning peculiarities in the solar system around us.

Human efforts to survive in the long run, which we place in "The Test" folder, are far from being an easy task for our species, since, among other things, there is very much we do not yet know.

Recent polar photo by Cassini (2013)
Another recent photo (May 2014)


Randy said...

The post "Exploded Planet Hypothesis" hypothesizes that this hexagon and remains of an exploded planet (the asteroid belt) between Mars & Jupiter may have been a failed "Dyson Grid." (Link)

Anonymous said...

Like a giant snow flake.

Anonymous said...