Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Mysticism Of Failure

What part does mysticism play in the failure of empires, and in the failure of extinct species?

Tenet Two says that the only species who do not become extinct in the cosmos are those who pass "The Test" of Ecocosmology.

The human species at this time is not doing so well on one of the aspects of The Test, Tenet 3(a). We are destroying our home world which means we will not even get to Tenet 3(b)-(f).

Today the camps of creationism and evolutionism are into a backward looking series of ideological wars about how we got here; about where we have been:

Both evolution and creationism are rear-view mirror concepts.

That is, they ask "where did we come from?", however, Ecocosmology is a front wind shield concept asking "where are we going?", and so it is a completely different approach.

(Will Humans Evolve ...). It is easier to steer while looking out the front wind shield, which displays where one is going, than it is to steer while looking into the rear view mirror, which displays only where one has been.

Ecocosmology asks both camps, creationists and evolutionists, to look forward while working together so that we may pass The Test.

The founders of the United States held what appears to be a somewhat mystical belief that some of the power on this home world contained toxins that would corrupt any individual exercising that power, unless steps were taken to produce antidotes to those toxins.

Since governments are the main instruments for exercising that power and therefore are subjects of corruption thereby, how will that effect the future evolution on this planet? I say "this planet" because we do not know if that condition of the corruption of power exists on any other planet or not.

Traditionally nations on earth do not work together to help the human species pass The Test, and in general nations work to the contrary, fighting and warring, making it much more difficult to accomplish the incredible technological challenges our species faces.

The history of failed empires and the legacy of natural extinction in history should counsel us that, while it may be mystical why we do many things to bring about our own demise, we must deal with it mystical or not.

Especially when the cosmos by nature is not adverse to extinctions, nor is it adverse to long term or perpetual survival.

Survival of the fittest and extinction of the unfit are very real and very serious in this cosmos.

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