Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Toxic Mind Produces A Toxic World

Scientists have been observing the increase of a toxin more powerful by far, at producing global warming, than carbon dioxide:

Despite a decade of efforts worldwide to curb its release into the atmosphere, NOAA and university scientists have measured increased emissions of a greenhouse gas that is thousands of times more efficient at trapping heat than carbon dioxide and persists in the atmosphere for nearly 300 years.

(Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gas, emphasis added). It is fortunate for us that HFC-23 is a small percentage of greenhouse gases, so, this post is all about not letting it get out of hand.

Scientists acknowledge that the quantity of HFC-23 in our atmosphere is increasing despite our efforts to limit it.

Meanwhile a toxin that stays around for 20,000 years, nuclear toxin, is being embraced as nuclear energy is being embraced as a solution to the energy crisis.

Twenty six new plants are awaiting permits.

The origin of destructive, runaway toxins in our ecosphere is the toxins of power inside the minds of those who wield power in the nations of the world.

There is a blog that focuses on those toxins as a means of limiting environmental toxins.

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